Frost & Sullivan Vulnerability Management Report Names Digital Defense, Inc. Industry's "Best Scanning Engine"

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Leading VMaaS Provider Solves False Positives Dilemma Plaguing IT

San Antonio, TX – January 19, 2017Digital Defense, Inc., a leading provider of Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS™), today announced that Frost & Sullivan identified Digital Defense’s patented scanning technology as the best in the industry, according to its recent Vulnerability Management (VM) Global Market Analysis.

“The enterprise network undergoes significant changes over time including OS updates, internal server array configurations, and regroupings of user asset groups,” said Chris Kissel, senior industry analyst, information & network security at Frost & Sullivan. “If a vulnerability management vendor does not account for fluid changes in the network, two bad results can occur. The first is false positives where an anomaly pops up because the host and the device do not align in a network mapping; chasing down false positives is tiresome. The second result is more scary where devices get dropped from the scan and could become vulnerable and exploited without the knowledge of the network security team.”

“Digital Defense, Inc. takes an entirely different focus to VA scanning. DDI focuses the scan on active (live) hosts and utilizes its ability to dynamically track changes to these hosts over time, even as its characteristics change. Pragmatically, if you can control the host environment, you reduce the possibility of errors on the endpoints.”

“IT Security recognizes the importance of performing regular vulnerability assessments on systems and networks, but has overloaded the persons responsible for maintaining IT assets with false positives they are forced to research,” said Larry Hurtado, CEO of Digital Defense. “This leaves IT asset owners chasing their tails as they spend inordinate amounts of time investigating when they could be knocking off other things on their to-do lists. Many of our new clients are IT executives frustrated by seeing staff members continually burdened with investigating false positives from their previous vulnerability scans.”

The enterprise network undergoes significant changes over time including OS updates, internal server array configurations, and regroupings of user asset groups. On an operations level, the changing server environment is problematic; for network security appliances and systems on dynamic ranges, the possibility of drift is acute.

In a recent study, Digital Defense analyzed the behavior of 40,000 servers and 60,000 client devices. From this analysis, the one year drift showed that there could be as many as 15% server duplicates: another 15% of servers had stale VM data, and client machines could be mismatched as much as 83% of the time.

Conventional scanner technologies and analytics engines have trouble handling this drift as failed host matching can lead to both duplicates of existing vulnerabilities and masking of critical flaws as hosts change their characteristics over time.

The Digital Defense scan engine works on the principle of real-time event-based tuning. Digital Defense’s Vulnerability Scanner, Network Intelligence Reconnaissance Vehicle (NIRV), is event driven and can adjust its plugin sets and auditing mechanisms in real time as it learns more information about the host and network. Information is gleaned from each host, service, and application, and is reused throughout the scope of the assessment, allowing for a more thorough audit of its peers.

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